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Energy services

Together on the road to energy efficiency

Our commitment to the environment and energy saving distinguishes us and enables us to develop studies and energy saving systems for buildings.

We not only carry out refurbishments to adapt your facilities to more efficient technologies, but we also guarantee their effectiveness through the implementation of automated management and remote management systems, conductive and preventive maintenance services, consumption monitoring, energy audits, advice, etc.

At EULEN Group we are committed to energy efficiency as a hallmark and differentiating element.

We bring our experience and knowledge to your energy efficiency project, even if it is highly complex, designing fully customised solutions and becoming a key partner in your savings strategy.

Specific energy services

We provide the following services:

Implementation of automated management systems and building remote management systems.
Replacing electrical installations and energy saving lighting.
Mass replacement of luminaries by more efficient technologies in buildings and street lighting.
Installation of comfort parameters control elements in buildings and facilities.
Energy audits, thermal and electrical energy and water consumption analysis, and management of subsidies received from Public Administrations.

Preparation of energy efficiency studies to achieve a significant saving in facilities consumption.
Comprehensive management of facilities’ energy and water consumption by means of energy management contracts as an energy services company.
Comprehensive energy management in buildings, shopping malls, health care facilities, educational institutions, universities and sports centers.
Preventive maintenance and improvements on facilities.

Maintenance and environmental control service in wind farms

The EULEN Group, aware of the need to gain flexibility, simplify management and free up management resources, has created the environmental maintenance and control service in wind farms, an innovative and integrated way of designing, implementing, supervising and monitoring its services, always aligned with the business strategy, under a single management and dialogue, immediate response and strict compliance with legislation. We adopt the necessary measures in each of the phases of the service in order to avoid or reduce the risks derived from the work and ensure the quality and the work carried out by the team.

The work in wind farms is characterised by its complexity due to the large number of variables involved. Some of them are difficult to predict, and the cost and risk are high. They require planning requirements, careful controls and exhaustive maintenance work to allow access to the wind farm, favour its proper operation, extend its productive life and guarantee environmental control of the surroundings. Having multiple service providers complicates the generation of synergies and slows down the response, wasting time and management resources, which can affect the productivity of the wind farm and the safety of the work.

mantenimiento parques eólicos

Services for self-consumption photovoltaic installations

Aware of the need to care for the planet and fight against climate change, the EULEN Group, through its maintenance activity, has developed a new service called Self-consumption photovoltaic installations. This is an innovative service that allows companies, commercial buildings, public and private entities or industrial facilities to become products of their own electrical energy, ensuring their own electricity supply or part of it and transforming the way in which electricity is generated and consumed.

Our service includes a complete solution ranging from the study, design, installation, operation, commissioning and maintenance of solar systems for self-consumption, so that the energy generated can be reused to power other electrical systems such as lighting, air conditioning or charging electric vehicles, thus improving the overall efficiency of our customers.

instalaciones fotovoltaicas
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