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Arts and Culture

Our policies of sponsorship and patronage of culture and art give us first-hand knowledge of the services required by companies operating in the sector.

Grupo EULEN is a company that stands out for its professionalism and transparency at the service of institutions and individuals who preserve and disseminate art and culture. It has technical specialists with extensive experience, who ensure the excellence of the service, tailored to the needs of each of its clients. An interdisciplinary consulting team, made up of top level experts, who inspire quality work, with the rigour, attention and personalisation that each client, collection and piece requires.

Our main clients are financial institutions, foundations, public bodies, in short, all those committed to the conservation, dissemination or profitability of historical, artistic or cultural heritage.

All that Grupo EULEN can offer to companies in the arts and culture sector.

At Grupo EULEN you will find specific services for companies and individuals operating in the arts and culture sector, from the implementation and management of specialised teams to the development of our own management models for companies in the sector, as well as legal and tax advice.

The aim of these services is to create a strategy adapted to the needs of each client, with a series of services already defined and, in addition, the possibility of designing new services that give our clients a strength in their line of business and in the sector. This is defined by means of a prior evaluation in which the opportunities and strengths to be developed are analysed.

Cultural heritage services

  • Museology and museography. Idea phase, conceptualization, curation, production and management of permanent and temporary exhibitions; traveling exhibitions; cultural programs; events; interpretation centers; cultural routes and itineraries; audiovisual and multimedia projects; light art (artistic and exhibition lighting).
  • Professional teams for museums and cultural resources. Restorers and registration; visitor services and information; ticket office and e-ticketing; cultural mediators and facilitators; educators and coordinators; didactic workshops; cultural guides; room assistants; audio guides; museum stores; receptionists and coat-check staff.
  • Specialized logistics. Transport of works of art; packaging and framing; handling, assembly and positioning; storage and warehouse; rescue and evacuation plans.
  • Public presentation and dissemination. Cultural marketing; communication (strategy, media relationship- online/offline) and information campaigns, and capturing a target audience; promotional material and catalogs; didactic and educational resources; publications; audiovisuals; multimedia applications; scenography; holography; video mapping.
  • Restoration and conservation. Paper and related materials, metal, textile, bone and ivory; painting; sculpture; archeology; digital media; preventive conservation; physicochemical analysis; chemical and non-toxic disinsection; rescue archeology.
  • Cataloging and inventory. Identification and quantification of property; cataloging of works; classification of patrimonial assets; analysis of discrepancies; collection maps; documentalism services.
  • Valuation and appraisal. Historical and artistic analysis; authentication of works; referential financial valuation; provenance and traceability analysis; purchase and sale studies.
  • Legal and tax consulting. Purchase and sale, mandate and storage agreements; intellectual property; shipping and international trade; loans; exchanges of works; patronage; insurance management.
  • Additional services. Comprehensive management of museums and exhibition centers; technical operations services for exhibitions and shows; museum store management.

Individual or comprehensive facility services in heritage buildings and those with cultural functions

  • Cleaning. Cleaning of works, carpets, rugs, glass and screens, maintenance and general care; cleaning and restoration of facades; supply of materials; hygienic cleaning and monitoring of surroundings.
  • Environment. Maintenance and replacement of indoor plants; environmental hygiene: audits, environmental monitoring, radiation and water checks; certifications; pest control.
  • Maintenance. Technical-legal preventive maintenance; conductive, corrective and predictive installation maintenance using analysis techniques and GMAO and CAT systems; energy services; renovation works; projects; network management.
  • Security. Consulting; access control; surveillance; security detail; security system installation and maintenance; information security; fire protection; building emergency plan.
  • Additional Services. Documentation packing and management; reprography and archiving; furniture; moving; warehouse; destruction of documents; medical services.

Individual or comprehensive facility services for building exteriors

  • Cleaning. Cleaning of outdoor areas; solid urban waste collection; sanitation network cleaning; TV inspection and leak detection.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance and repair of exterior fencing; inspection and maintenance of outdoor hydrants.
  • Security. Control of outside access; surveillance patrol; installation and maintenance of perimeter detection systems.
  • Environment. Comprehensive management of outdoor green areas: earthmoving, watering systems, civil works; installation and maintenance of lighting, ornamental fountains and pumps; vertical gardens.

Support services

  • HR Services. Consulting; selection and provision of professional profiles; specific training for a role; occupational hazard prevention services.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
    • Business process management: invoicing, payroll, document scanning; vehicles; audits; accounting; treasury; consulting; insurance; advertising.
    • Onsite inspection and verification: inventories, audits; surveys.
    • Telemarketing and sales team: after sales and loyalty; databases; collections and claims; promotions; call centers.
    • Other services: logistics brokers; remote consulting; mystery visitor; surveys; loyalty programs.
  • CSR Support. Social, employment, environmental and cultural activities.

Total Facility Management

We provide full facility services for cultural property and assets, offering specialized assistance on specific tasks such as cataloging, appraisal, and restoration. This service package includes:


  • Creation of FM structure. SLA assessment, definition, and compliance. Incident solutions. Suggestions for improvement. Manuals. Quality control. Property management. Integrated IT system. Total facility management services. Ancillary services.
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