Labour insertion

Our commitment to society leads us to develop training and employment programmes for disadvantaged groups.

One of Grupo EULEN’s commitments is the integration of the most disadvantaged groups into the workplace. That is why we design training and employment programmes aimed at the needs of today’s society, in collaboration with public bodies and organisations of reference in the socio-occupational integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

Our training projects for job placement are based on knowledge of the market and real employment opportunities, and are carried out using teaching methodologies that match theoretical knowledge with practice in real productive environments provided by Grupo EULEN itself.


Firm in this commitment, the EULEN Group has been a member of the Global Compact since 2002.

Involved in socially responsible policies

This is why the EULEN Group:

It is the company with the second largest direct employment of migrants.
It has hired more than 400 people belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion.

They promote programmes for the recruitment of young people.
It has more than 18,000 employees over the age of 45.

Job placement for people with physical or intellectual disabilities

National Confederation of the Deaf in Spain (CNSE)
Spanish Federation of Parents and Friends of the Deaf (FIAPAS)
State Coordinating Confederation of the Physically Disabled of Spain (COCEMFE)

Job orientation programmes for people at risk of social exclusion

Agreements for the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion:

Collaboration with the Integra Foundation.
Collaboration agreements with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs.
Collaboration with the "Incorpora Project" of the Obra Social de La Caixa.

Agreements for the integration of groups that are difficult to integrate socially

Agreements for the integration of groups that are difficult to integrate socially:

The EULEN Group has joined the PROAD (Programa de Atención al Deportista de Nivel), promoted by the aforementioned organisation.

Job placement of university students

Agreements for the integration of young university students:

The EULEN Group has different types of aid in the form of internship agreements and scholarships with different universities throughout Spain.
EULEN Chair, Complutense University of Madrid
Citius Scholarships
Young Graduate Programmes

Training projects for labour market integration

Training project areas

Cleaning area
Psychosocial area
Production and maintenance area
Commercial and customer service area
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