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Management of cultural heritage

We are distinguished by our professionalism and the services we offer for the comprehensive management of artistic and cultural heritage.

We address the cultural sector through EULEN Art and a wide range of services in the form of innovative solutions that meet their expectations and quality requirements. EULEN Art is the EULEN Group’s business line specialising in the comprehensive management of cultural heritage.

Through EULEN Art and a multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience, we cover all the needs that your company may require arising from the artistic, cultural and heritage activities of museums, cultural centres, exhibition halls, churches and religious institutions, public bodies, foundations, financial institutions, private collectors, etc.

¿Cuáles son las competencias de EULEN Art?

At EULEN Group, we provide our experience in this area, managing premium services, using all the technologies that allow us to serve customers from any channel (telephone, email, click to call, messaging…) through our multi-platform cloud services and pay-per-use models.

Our Telemarketing team not only has the specific training required to provide this service, but also has extensive experience in the sector, a level of professionalism that allows us to adapt our actions entirely to the objectives, communication channels and type of client of your company.

Specific services for cultural heritage management:

We provide the following services:

Exhibition design, production and management.
Museographic projects and exhibition and museum equipment.
Visitor service staff, information, guides and mediators in exhibitions, museums and cultural spaces.
Artistic and exhibition lighting.

Handling, packaging, transport and storage of works of art.
Cataloguing, inventorying and documentalism.
Valuation and appraisal.
Restoration, preventive conservation and registration.

Archaeology (rescue and preventive).
Communication specialising in art and culture.
Public projection of collections, exhibitions and museums.
Legal advice specialising in art and heritage.
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