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EULEN – Aliservice Catering provides catering services that support company workplaces located in the country’s remotest areas.

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grupo eulen sitios remotos

grupo eulen sitios remotos


  • Services to remote locations: kitchen, lunch room and cafeteria design and equipment, service and logistics for supplying raw material and emergency food stock on site, cafeteria, stands and convenience stores and transported food events for remote locations (exploration and drilling, etc.). Services for special events.
  • Tailor-made solutions: provision of food during the operation stage where no cafeteria or kitchen is available. Motivation for employees through a high-quality and varied service, also providing special entertainment services.

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We will provide you with all kinds of catering services for your company in any format – breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, cocktail receptions, brunch... And we’ll take care of every little detail to ensure the exclusivity of your event

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