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Our Project Design department aims to create a suitable environment and ensure the necessary resources to guarantee activities can be properly carried out, creating comfortable, safe spaces that optimize their capacity.

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As such, EULEN – Aliservice Catering carries out all kinds of project design related to:


  • Kitchens: designing, building, reconditioning equipment and adapting cook/chill and conventional kitchens:
    • Optimization of production cycles based on forward flow.
    • Mnimization of food risks and optimization of production capacity.
    • Equipment adapted to service needs.
  • Cafeterias and lunchrooms: designing, building, reconditioning, equipping and adapting cafeterias and lunchrooms. The design schemes proposed by Aliservice to their clients include:
    • Free flow.
    • Self-service line.
    • Buffet.

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We love taking our cooking as far as much so, that we can recreate eating points in the most inaccessible locations. And all this is tailor-made according to your needs


We will provide you with all kinds of catering services for your company in any format – breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, cocktail receptions, brunch... And we’ll take care of every little detail to ensure the exclusivity of your event

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