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With the implementation of cook/chill technology, EULEN – Aliservice Catering has become a pioneer in providing catering services with a centralized production structure. Under this structure, Grupo EULEN currently operates kitchens with a capacity to produce up to 65,000 meals every days.

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grupo eulen cook chill

grupo eulen cook chill

This means the technology may be successfully applied when providing catering services and the client does not require a full kitchen on site. This is especially useful in the following locations:

  • Mines and remote camps.
  • Corporate buildings, plants and offices.
  • Hospitals and schools.
  • Prisons and penitentiaries.

This service is offered to all kinds of locations that have the need for external catering services, with a 100% guarantee in terms of the food quality and security required from an external kitchen or for those that do not have facilities of their own.

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We will provide you with all kinds of catering services for your company in any format – breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, cocktail receptions, brunch... And we’ll take care of every little detail to ensure the exclusivity of your event


Just tell us where and we’ll tell you how. From carrying out the first feasibility study to placing the last fork, Grupo EULEN can create the culinary space that you require

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