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Through its effective partnership with Aliservice, Grupo EULEN Chile provides a personalized catering service based on client profile and business area. All our services have been created to satisfy the needs of each and every client – from mines, remote camps, hospitals and schools to company cafeterias, care homes for the elderly and prisons and penitentiaries.

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grupo eulen catering

grupo eulen catering

Our services fall into 3 groups

  • Consulting and advice:
    • Dietary and nutritional advice.
    • Developing and monitoring diets.
    • Guidance on quality systems.
    • Guidance on hygiene.
  • Operational management of the catering service:
    • Planning and designing menus.
    • Supplying raw material.
    • Receiving, preparing and creating menus.
    • Distributing the finished product to the end consumer.
  • Proyects:
    • Designing, building, reconditioning and adapting cook/chill and conventional kitchens.
    • Designing, building, reconditioning and adapting cafeterias.

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Cook / Chill

If you need to provide groups with long-term catering services, at Grupo EULEN we have the ideal structure for this purpose. We provide more than 65,000 meals every day for locations that do not have their own kitchen facilities

Supply and restocking services

We take care of the internal logistics of your company.

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